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You’ve taken the first step to joining the SPF Agent & Affiliate Network, where you can benefit from the boom market in Spanish Property and earn great commissions from generating leads for property sales and by growing your own commission generating network!



An Overview

Spanish Property Finders (SPF) are a successful Estate Agency based on the Costa Blanca Spain with over 5000 properties to market  and collaboration agreements with more than 900 agencies & construction companies across Spain. We have introduced an Agent platform so that ANYONE can benefit from the Spanish Property Market boom.

For a small set up fee of €350, you get your own domain name and website, packed with sale ready property. No experience is required as SPF deal with everything for you, from sourcing property to airport pickups, property viewings, all conveyancing & everything necessary to successfully complete the sales process. All you need do is market your website & properties, generate leads and SPF deal with it from there. With you receiving a generous 50% of SPF’s commission on sales, the opportunity to tap into the high commission world of Spanish Property sales for such a small outlay is attractive & exciting!

We’ve now moved it all a stage further…

As well as your own bespoke website agents can now market the scheme to other interested parties, earning immediately from the introduction fee of the platform but also earning from both a percentage of closed property leads generated by their downline AND from introduction fees of the platform by sub agents further into the downline as well.

We’ve capped the downline to 5 tiers and generously deducted further commissions from SPF’s commissions – so every agent is at the top of their tree! Unlike traditional network marketing platforms, it doesn’t matter when you join – the latest member has the same opportunity to earn commissions as the first ever member.

Watch our brief explanation video…


1) Direct Property Sale

Using whatever advertising methods you see fit you generate a lead from your website. SPF do the rest and on a successful sale you receive a generous 50% commission!

2) Direct Network Introduction

You introduce an Agent to your network. They are placed directly under you in your downline and earn generous introduction commissions You’re able to introduce as many Agents into your downline as you want. They in turn can do the same – there is no limit!

3) Network Property Sale

If an Agent anywhere in your downline generates a successful property sales lead – YOU GET COMMISSION!!!

4) Network Downline Introduction

When an Agent in your downline introduces an Agent directly below them, into their downline (upto four levels deep) –  YOU GET COMMISSION!!!




Use your website to generate property leads and earn BIG commissions!


  • Your own website
  • Your own domain name
  • Your own email addresses
  • 1000s of properties to sell
  • New Build & Resale Property
  • Bank Reposessions
  • Property in all areas of Spain
  • Daily Automated Updates
  • 50% Commission splits
  • Access to “SPAN” software & On-going Training Support
    (How to market property on Facebook, build email lists, use Mailchimp, marketing seminars & much more)


Grow your network – earn immediate & passive income


Network Introduction Fee – Grow your network using our affiliate marketing tools

  • Level 1  = €100 – a direct introduction by YOU
  • Level 2 = €20
  • Level 3 = €15
  • Level 4 = €10
  • Level 5 = €5

Property Sales via Network – Let your network drive property sales

  • Level 1 = 50%  a direct lead by YOU
  • Level 2 = 5%
  • Level 3 = 2.5%
  • Level 4 = 1.5%
  • Level 5 = 1%
  • % = % of total sales commissions received by Spanish Property Finders


Unlimited sign ups directly below you – 5 LEVELS DEEP


Unlike other network marketing plans – YOU are always at the top of your tree!

Example Websites

Here’s a few website examples – you’ll receive something similar as we’re constantly updating our layouts & functionality…

Become an SPF Agent & Start generating life changing commissions NOW!!!

or read on for more info…





Here’s four examples of how SPF Agent & Affiliate Network can generate income for you…

Income Example 1

Direct Property Sale

A friend has an Uncle (Mr Jones) who wants to retire to Spain – from your site you show him a range of property in his price range and he likes a €490,000 new build in El Altet, Costa Blanca – he’s really keen! After submitting the lead, SPF take care of the client liason and arrange for a viewing trip in 3 weeks time. You can see the arrangements & correspondence in your SPAN account area. The client loves the property and places the deposit. You see in SPAN that the completion appointment is in six weeks. At this time you receive an email from SPF congratulating you that Mr Jones sale has now completed and you are due your 50% of the sales commission. As this property had 15% commissions available you have made 50% of the total €73,500 – €36,750 to you!

Income Example 3

Network Property Sale

You see in SPAN that a lead has been generated by an agent in your downline – a tier 3 agent has generated a lead for Mr Smith for a €250K New Build. As the weeks progress you see that SPF have dealt with the client and the lead had been confirmed, a viewing trip booked, a deposit paid. Around six weeks later you receive a notification that there has been a tier 3 sale in your downline that generates 2.5% commission for you. The total commission on this property was €25,000, so you receive €625 – for doing nothing!

Grow your network then let it do the work for you!

Income Example 2

Direct Network Introduction

Using the affiliate marketing tools available in SPAN, you place advertisements on a local classified ads website. Using SPAN you see that 15 click throughs have been actioned this week. Of those, 3 have decided to sign up to the Agent scheme and join in the Spanish Property boom. In your SPAN account you see they have just been approved and that €300 (3 x €100) is now waiting for you to draw into your bank account. You check their names and see your downline grow using the reports in SPAN. As there is NO LIMIT to the amount of Agents you can sign directly under you, you widen your advertising. The next week you have 20 sign ups and have earnt €2000!

Income Example 4

Network Downline Introduction

You see in SPAN that a network introduction has been achieved by an agent in your downline. Four of the people you signed up directly below you have now made a total of 13 introductions themselves (level 3) & from those 13 sales a further 21 have also been generated (level 4). This means you have:

13 introductions @ level 3 & 21 introductions @ level 4 = (13 x €15) + (21 x €10) = 195 +210 = €405

That’s €405 in your SPAN account for you to draw down whenever you like – for doing nothing! But don’t worry about the maths – SPAN calculates & displays all this for you automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of our most commonly asked pre-sign up questions!
Can you provide more details on the business.

Basically we’ve constructed a way for people with no Real Estate experience or with limited funds to get on board and start marketing property.. We provide everything for you (website, emails, properties, domain, hosting) and you can then begin marketing your site. That’s on social media, newspapers, radio, flyers, markets, to friends and family – whatever you can think of is great, it’s your business to generate leads.

When a lead comes into your site, you get a copy of the enquiry and so do we. We then ask you if you want us to deal with the lead from then on. And from that point we deal with everything.

Correspondence, property searches, arranging viewing trips, airport pickups, property viewings, the sales process, lawyers, notaries, banks, mortgages – we even give every buyer a nice welcome basket ?

And you get your commission from that lead whether they buy in a week or a year or on whatever property they buy

A few of our agents have bought property for themselves or family, taking advantage of the 50% commission payback – that’s fine by us!

So you’ll see it’s an easy way to get your foot in the door with Spanish Real Estate – you can open and staff your own real estate office or run the business from home, it’s up to you.

We’e now introduced SPAN – Spanish Property Affiliate Network – which allows us and you to expand on the lead generation via a Network Marketing model. So not only can you generate income from generating property leads, you also receive a bonus for signing other agents into the network model, upto five levels deep. With you receiving bonuses from your downline as well this means you have 4 ways to generate income from being a member of SPAN (as outlined above)

Now we know people are sceptical about Network Marketing, Pyramid Selling & Get Rich Quick Schemes. SPAN isn’t one of these schemes. It’s not a get rich quick programme and we don’t gaurantee you ANY PROFIT whatsoever. This is a business opportunity for those serious about becoming involved in Spanish Property & marketing of Spanish Property for lead generation. We want more leads and agents generating leads and our unique concept is to utilise our existing agents to recruit others onto the platform, for which efforts you are granted bonuses. If you don’t work the scheme doesn’t work – but we’re here to make it all work together!

And unlike Pyramid Selling schemes, as we’ve capped any onuses to a 5 tier downline, it really doesn’t matter where & when you join – You are always at the top of your tree, with the ability to earn as much as the 1st ever member..


What is the percentage of commission earned on a sale of a property?

Basically you earn 50% of the commission Spanish Property Finders receive. The actual commission amounts and percentages change from property to property and from developer to developer – but as a basic rule we receive:

  • Shared Resales – usually 3% or €3000 whichever is the greater. This is then shared 50:50 between the listing (or collaborating) Real Estate company and ourselves, with us sharing our commission 50% with you.
  • Exclusive Resales – property listed directly with us – again 3% or €3000 whichever is the greater. This is then shared 50:50 with you.
  • New Build Property – anywhere from 3 to 15% – which is then shared 50:50 between SPF and yourself

So pushing new builds is the golden egg ? We have some great new builds for just €99K at 14% commission – so €7K each for really affordable new build properties!

Please note that commissions differ from Agent to Agent & Property to Property – the above has been worked on a worst case scenario with actual commissions usually higher than stated, however upon each property lead submission the possible commissions are checked, verified and displayed in your SPAN account. There’s a great graph of potential commissions from Property Sales from your and your downline’s leads! Exciting stuff…

What is the overall fee for the purchase of this business?

Set up costs are €350 excluding IVA. This is the only cost apart from the annual web hosting fees of €135 ex IVA.

So no there are no extra, hidden or up sell fees at all, just the recurring annual hosting fee of €135.

There are upsells but these are not obligatory. Mainly as a service to our agents we offer

  • native iPhone & Android apps
  • Business card, flyer & brochure design & print (we have general templates FREE for your use SPAN as well)
  • For sale board design & print
  • Pull Up banner design & print

We aim to provide everything you’ll need to run your Real Estate business but you’re not obliged to use us for this..

Is this a one of payment or are there recurring or additional fees?

As outlined above the €350 is a one time payment. There are no additional costs or mandatory upsell fees and the only recurring fee is for €135 per year for your annual website hosting & domain name registration.

Do you have to generate leads on a regular basis?

That’s entirely up to you – naturally we’d like constant leads from you, as I’m sure you’d like to provide them. But there is no “10 leads a week minimum” type scenario.

In your SPAN affiliate account we show you to market on social media, provide articles & interesting info for you to post, constantly create marketing materials for you to use. We hold regular webinars, Q&A sessions and have guest speakers from the Real Estate Online Marketing world to help and assist you with generating leads. Our weekly newsletter mailouts are full of handy tips and advice.

Whilst the lead generation is your responsibility to input as much time & effort as you wish, we’re here to help you all the way and provide the tools for you to utilise!

Am I classed as being self employed?

Yes you are.

To receive commissions you will have to send us a FACTURA or INVOICE. This can be from any country and any company or registered entity name but we do have to receive a FACTURA before payment is made and you are liable for any taxes arising from profits made, relevant to your country of origin.

What if I have a property to sell?

Perfect! You just submit the property details & owner details via the “Property Submit” section of your affiliate dashboard (feature coming soon!). If approved and not already on our books, we’ll send the owner a listing contract and get them live on the site.

The property is then feed to all our agents via the feed so you have the entire SPAN network marketing your property. You can put up your own for sale boards on the property and generate interest using your usual marketing methods. We’ll even send a note to all our members that your property has just come onto the market and to give it an extra special push!

But What about the commission? Ok – here’s how it works with property listings….

  • The agent that sources and submits the property to SPF receives a finders fee of €500, payable on sale of the property.
  • The agent that provides the sales lead receives 50% of the sales commission, as is normal for all property.

This means that if you both list AND provide the sales lead, you will receive 50% of the sales commissions plus the finders fee.

If you just provide us with a lead for a property listing and have no more involvement, you still get your €500 finders fee when the property is sold – not too shabby!

And of course – these properties all get added into your Network downline

If i wish to stop this business what is the notice period? Are there any penalties incurred?
Absolutely not, you are free to cancel at any time without any penalties. Your website can either be taken down immediately or left live for the remainder of your hosting period. Any leads generated from your site during that period are still yours and you will receive any relevant commissions.

Download our Brochure

if you need a little while to think, feel free to download our brochure and deliberate. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme – it’s an opportunity to develop a real business generating life changing sums in commission payments through property sales & marketing.


Happy Customers

I joined the SPF Agent scheme early as I could see its potential. My husband & I bought our new home via the scheme and had €1000s returned as our commission  well worth the small outlay at the start!  Since then we’ve generated 3 successful sales leads through free Facebook promotions & postings and have generated nearly €30k in commissions. Being paid isn’t a problem with these guys. I would highly recommend SPF, especially as this new phase is now being launched. My advice, get involved!

Terri Hughes

Manager, Spanish Property Dreams

We saw the advert for the SPF Agent Scheme in a local Spanish newspaper and it intrigued us. Being heavily involved in Network marketing & a previous Spanish estate Agent we decided to book a meeting to find out more. We were so impressed with the team at SPF, their set up and ideas for the future that we signed up! We’re all really excited to see where this unique concept can go. Especially as, unlike other network marketing schemes, it really doesn’t matter when you join – you are always at the top of YOUR tree.

Muriel Smith

Network Marketer, Posh Pads Abroad

My wife and I were looking to get back into Spanish Real Estate when we saw the advert for Spanish Property Finders Agent scheme. Being based locally in Spain we went along to see the guys to sus it all out – and we’re glad we did! They couldn’t have been more helpful or supportive and although it’s early days for us we have a fully functioning real estate site with marketing support for a fraction of what it would normally cost! Very pleased….

Mike Kent

Estate Agent, AK Spanish Properties

My wife & I recently relocated to Spain and wanted to get jobs as soon as possible. When we saw the SPF advert we went along and met the company in their offices. We hit it off straight away and saw that they are just normal guys who’ve hit upon a great idea. Great for us as we can run this business from our own home and generate leads from family and friends back in the UK and now they’ve added the network marketing side of the business we can earn some fantastic passive income.

Sunil & Usha Patel

Bus Driver & Book Keeper, Supatel Properties

I was introduced to the scheme by Lucy the SPF affiliate manager and immediately saw the potential. The market for European real estate, especially with Spain’s historical ties to South America, is growing year on year! I’ve already grown my network downline to a point where I’m seeing daily income and have passed a few leads over to SPF which I’m happy are being dealt with. As an experienced marketer I was particularly impressed with their “SPAN” management software – I can see exactly what stage leads are at and what the next course of action will be. Not made a property sale yet but I’m confident it’s gonna be soon. Great value product with fantastic earning potential – if you put in some effort. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but a chance to build a solid business in real estate marketing, promotion and sales.

Grady Roe

Affiliate Marketer, Spanish Dream Homes USA

So lets get started…

What happens now?

  • Simply click the link below, fill out the order form with your choice of domain name & pay the €350 joining fee, We just need your details and preferred choice of domain name and we’ll get going, registering the domain and designing your logo.
  • Your website will be ready for you to market and start generating leads within 3 working days
  • You’ll receive your login details for your SPAN dashboard which walks you through “How to Get Started”.
  • In your dashboard you’ll find everything you need to start promoting property from your site & how to build your network
  • From your dashboard watch all of our intro & “how to” videos – these are updated regularly
  • Schedule in one of our regular webinars for help, advice & SPAN community focus
  • Keep an eye out for our regular promotions & incentives
  • Always read the FAQs in your dashboard but if you have questions just click the “contact support” button

Join Now

Become an SPF Agent & Start generating life changing commissions NOW!!!